30 Simple Ways I Feel Happiness....


30 Simple Ways I Feel Happiness…


1.   That first sip of coffee in the morning

2.   A good nights sleep

3.   My son’s laughter and hilarious stories

4.   Getting a text out of the blue from a friend letting you know they are thinking of you

5.   Seeing the power of 2 fired up moms and what they can accomplish in defense of their children

6.   Watching my curious son gain new knowledge

7.   Fall in Colorado

8.   Riding bikes with my boy

9.   Hikes through the trees

10. A really good gluten free cupcake

11.  A strangers smile 

12.  Feet in the sand

13.  The feeling of true surrender

14.  Morning silence

15. Chocolate chip cookies

16.  Fresh flowers in my home

17.  A successful trip to the thrift store

18.  Helping someone feel their body for the first time in a long time

19.  Feeling MY body for the first time in a long time

20.  Watching my son gain more and more independence and the pride he feels when he can now do something on his own (i.e. fill the ice cube tray, cut his hot dog, etc..)

21.  Sunrise

22.  Sunset

23.  Unconditional self-love

24. Hearing my sons footsteps come down the stairs in the morning and his beaming self come around the corner

25. A hot cup of tea on a blustery day

26. My house

27.  A good chat with a friend

28.  The change of seasons

29.  When social media actually serves

30.  The opportunity to be reborn over and over and over again