A work in progress

This blog is a work in progress, yet has been in the works for many years. I have 100’s of “potential blog posts”, “book excerpts”, and other creative writing pieces that I have felt compelled to share. I have stories to tell, words to motivate and inspire, endless compassion to contribute, virtual and literal hugs to give, empathetic tears to shed, joyful dances to share. I have life lessons to bestow; some painstakingly hard, others humbling beyond belief, and yet more abundantly empowering and enlivening. All of what I share I intend to be of service, of help, of support, and, maybe just maybe of inspiration…in the realm of rising from the ashes literally and figuratively, as I have done many, many times. I do not claim to be superior, guru-esque, evolved, enlightened, or any other term of arrogance or better than. I humbly feel called to simply share my words, my experiences, and my life stories in hopes that perhaps I can reach even one other human on this wild path of life that may need a little boost, a hint of commiseration, and a few words of true empathy.

My words are genuine, authentic, personal, and well intentioned. Themes in my life range from decades of healing from a debilitating eating disorder and all that shakes out from that dysfunction and disembodiment, the pangs of a challenging (that is an understatement!) pregnancy, subsequent post partum depression coupled with the extremes of new motherhood issues and an abusive marriage…quickly moving into single parenting an 18 month old forward and the insane ride that has been. Whew! If that isn’t enough, let’s throw in a house fire, an exceptionally fiery child with all-consuming needs on every level, the ups and downs of single-parent dating and the adventures I have had over the years, and, oh so much more…BUT, I choose every single day what to focus on. Years ago I made the decision…the “choice” to step out of the place of victimhood/”woo is me”/”if only my life was blah blah” and leap into the place of appreciation for this wild and sometimes quite rocky path that is my life. This is not to say that I always reside in that space, but I strive to and when I fall down I do get back up rapidly. This is also not to say that I am always happy, smiley, yay life…I feel and I feel A LOT. I feel everything, a blessing and a curse of being born a Scorpio. In the spirit of using our greatest challenges as medicine and a means to connect to the universe as a whole and other fellow humans on this wild ride of life, I officially begin my blog. I am open for business and excitedly and timidly expose myself in the most authentic way of connecting that I have experienced thus far in my 41 years of life.