Embrace Transition


You are allowed
to be a masterpiece
and a
work in progress, 

~Sophie Bush

The Spring Equinox is on the near horizon bringing with it the return of daylight, warmer temperatures, the renewal of the earth, green trees, and blooming flowers.  
For so many (myself included!), spring could not arrive any sooner after a long, dark, and exceptionally cold winter here in Colorado.  A palpable sweet relief is in the air that the darkness and cold of winter is coming to a close.  
There is a sense of quickening, of things coming alive. The birds volume has increased, the days have begun to lengthen, and urge to emerge is prevalent.
Yet, we are in the liminal time in these last couple of weeks of winter (thank you Mother Nature for reminding us of this!). Although there is a felt sense of urgency, a pull towards the warmth and bounty of spring -- the time of rebirthing -- it is so critical to honor this in between time.  To allow things to simmer.  

Not forcing our rebirthing, rather choosing to be intentional, clear, and present we push ourselves out of our winter cocoon into the bounty of the springtime.  
There is so much wisdom to be gleaned when we give ourselves permission to really be during this transitional time.  There is the opportunity to utilize these last few weeks of winter to clarify exactly what it is we desire to birth when the season changes. 
How can we stay grounded in our bodies and present in the moment as we navigate this transition?  What action steps can we take to support ourselves in an easeful, peaceful and joyful transition into spring? How can we bring consciousness into this next season and enter spring intentionally?
I offer you some tangible avenues to support yourselves in transitioning out of winter in an embodied and intentional way: 

  • Breathe. Your breath is your greatest resource.  As the energy quickens and the impulse to move into action is strong, remaining connected to the breath is essential. Taking deep breaths into your belly, in through the nose, and out the mouth – allowing the exhale to lengthen – is the most impactful and effective avenue in remaining grounded and connected to yourself. 

  • Meditation. Cultivating the capacity to sit with ourselves during these times of transition can support our ability to meet the changes with the whole of who we are.  By connecting to our breath and thought patterns and consciously working with them, we have the opportunity to truly create our lives from a place of empowerment.

  • Visualization. How do you want your life to look?  How do you want to feel in your body, in your heart, in your everyday life?  Do you have a picture of the direction that you would like your life to take? Spend some time visualizing your life as you want it to unfold. Breathe it into your cells and invite in that felt sense of your dream life.  See it in your minds eye and feel it in your heart.  

  • Journaling. It is a potent time to be writing. I am a lover of morning pages or free writing.  Allowing whatever is alive for you to flow onto the pages.  Do not censor or correct yourself.  Invite in those subconscious and conscious thoughts, dreams, emotions, feelings, and experiences to land on your pages.  The soul speaks through our uninhibited writing and provides endless information and inspiration.  

  • Rest.  This transitional time of year calls for extra rest and sleep so as to stay healthy and balanced. Give yourself permission to go to sleep early, practice gentle or restorative yoga, and allow your body to rest in preparation for the upcoming time of rebirth. Just as a woman needs to rest when possible during labor and childbirth, as do we need to in preparation of our regeneration from winter hibernation.   

  • Nourish.  Springtime brings with it the desire to shift our food choices as we begin to shed some of our winter layers -- both literally and figuratively.  These next few weeks beckon nourishment and grounding foods so that we may be better prepared for our launch into spring.  Drinking hearty broths and soups, eating root vegetables, and cooked leafy greens in healthy oils are great ways to support your system during this transition.  

May we embrace this threshold into spring and honor the opportunity to pause and ground even deeper into our own truth and desires.

May we do the work to invite in clarity and conviction of the truth of who we are.

May we continuously be active participants in the creation of our own lives so that we can be a guiding light in this world so needing it and truly serve the greater good.
Spring Equinox Blessings!!