Transformational Discomfort


"Change is inevitable,
is by
conscious choice".

~Heather Ash Amara

When we choose to make changes in our lives, no matter how big or small, there is always discomfort.  Change can be daunting, disorienting, and uncomfortable. 

With each new experience, interaction, relationship, or life situation there is an opportunity to grow.  

When we choose to make changes in our lives, our systems reorganize and recalibrate. We have the opportunity to consciously let go of the old and step forward into the new.  

When we begin to stretch ourselves – trying new things, giving up our habitual coping mechanisms and vices that no longer serve, engage in new relationships – we open up the possibilities to grow, change, and morph ourselves anew.  

 And,change is scary. 

When we go through deep changes we are uprooted in many ways.  Our foundation becomes rocked and it takes a tremendous amount of work and effort to reclaim our ground and stand tall in the new version of ourselves that is being birthed.  

For many, it is easier to just stay in the same holding pattern rather than doing the uncomfortable work of growth and transformation.  Stepping out of our “norm”, making new choices, and letting go of what no longer serves requires taking bold steps with courage and a commitment to our personal evolution.  

When we choose to do things that shake up the comfort of our existence, there is a natural backlash.  What I know to be true is that tremendous growth comes when we allow the discomfort to just be there and step forward into the unknown anyhow. 

It is a true leap of faith that if we do, we will be held.  

As a collective, we are in a state of what feels like constant evolution.  We are walking on a tightrope of unknown.  We are being churned and asked to really take a look at how we are showing up in the world for ourselves, for each other, and for our lives on the whole.

So many are on the quest for change, for transformation, and are dancing right on the edge of new possibility. 

We either choose to hop on board the train, or not. 

If we want to continue to grow ourselves we have to be open to being uncomfortable.  We must continuously place ourselves in situations that stretch us to grow out of our comfort zones.  

Life is too short to not recreate ourselves at every turn.  

We, as individuals and as a collective, have a mandate to be in continuous transformation.  To grow ourselves in our capacity to love, to feel, and to show up for ourselves and for those in our lives.  

My life's path personally and professionally is about riding that edge of discomfort so that I may continuously grow and evolve and, in turn, support my clients and students to do the same. I have chosen to work through the body as that has been my vehicle for healing and growth.  I believe it to be an essential component in connecting to ourselves.

When we embody the changes that are occurring in our lives and truly invite them in to become the essence of the fundamental structure of who we are, the changes we go through become integrated and sustainable. 

As we turn more and more towards the light, as the earth comes back to life and we emerge from our cocoons, I invite you to begin to ask yourselves what Michael Beckwith calls “Empowering Questions” to support your personal evolution and growth process. 

Questions such as: 

How can I show up with more presence to create good on the planet? 

What impact do I want to have on those that I am blessed to cross paths with?

How do I want to use my precious time during my lifetime?

How can I show up every day even more full of exactly who I am?  

Every single day we truly have the opportunity to rise above the fear and limitations that we have imposed on ourselves and become brighter, more vibrantly alive, and more full of exactly who we are.  

We are all alive today for a purpose. Why waste another moment in self-doubt?  Why spend another minute of our precious life force questioning our value or our worth?  

The time is now.  

It is time to grow through the transformational discomfort and rise anew – embodied, whole, and gratefully alive.