Transformative Bodywork

Transformative and Therapeutic Bodywork

Alison Rothman has been a practicing bodyworker since 2001. She graduated from a 1200-hour holistic bodywork program at the Providence Institute in Tucson, Arizona. She received training in a wide array of modalities and has, over the past 17 years, created her own style and approach to working with the body. Alison blends traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with Shiatsu and knowledge of the meridians and energy work. The sessions are highly influenced by her extensive training, almost 2 decades of experience, and her own personal knowledge and exploration of the body on both an energetic and physical level.

Alison Rothman has been a practicing bodyworker since 2001.

Alison understands first-hand how powerful and healing receiving touch can be and is sensitive and attuned to varying degrees of comfort in this realm. The body holds all of our imprints in life and when we receive skilled touch emotions have the potential to surface. Alison is adept at holding space for clients as need be and, as a result of her life and work experiences as well as her own personal journey in the release of trauma, is able to effectively guide clients to release unwanted emotions and tensions. Her quality of touch, level of intuition, and presence have the capacity to put clients at ease and invite the possibility of a deeply healing experience.

Each session includes an extensive check in with clients about their physical wellbeing, emotional health, and needs for the days session. Alison caters her sessions accordingly and includes the usage of essential oils and high-quality massage oil to soothe the body and the spirit.

Additional support is available through individualized flower essence blends as well as nutritional and herbal suggestions if desired.

Alison truly creates a loving, safe, and comfortable environment for all who walk through the door. Clients can expect to leave their session feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, embodied, and connected.

Our bodies are the hosts of our great spirits and the home of our grand souls. They house the vastness of the life force that moves in and through us, and grant the gift of life itself. To relate to them as anything less than this miracle is a distortion of who and what we are”.

~Katherine Woodward-Thomas