Embodied Coaching

Embodied Coaching

Awaken ~ Embody ~ Heal


Embodied Healing for Women


Encouraging women in their deepest embodiment and in cultivating an unconditional experience of self-love.

Effectively blending yoga, movement, meditation, mindfulness, and natural health and wellness, Embodied Coaching sessions are a unique avenue towards holistic healing.

Compassionately meeting women exactly where they are, Alison draws from her wealth of personal and professional experience in these realms to create a life-honoring and individualized session for clients.

Based on the premise that when we are in our bodies, even for the challenging moments, we are able to tap into that inner resource, that inner strength and respond from a powerful, clear, and embodied place.

Our bodies are imprinted by all of our life experiences, patterns, emotions, and are the most powerful gateway towards uncovering our authentic and radiant selves.

With gentle and steady support the possibilities are endless.


  • Compassionate
  • Life-Honoring
  • Individualized
I saw Alison for several months this year when I was struggling with a mix of health and life transition issues. Alison’s gentle, intuitive, caring approach combined with her extensive portfolio of techniques and knowledge helped me through a tough time. Each session with Alison brought a synthesis of yoga, massage, healing touch, self-care advice, and empathetic listening that helped calm my mind and restore my body, and I left with new techniques for centering in my daily life.A.B.


Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel”.
~Eleanor Brown



Embodied Support for Women in Recovery from Eating Disorders:

I honor women as individuals.

I acknowledge the sensitive nature of recovery.

I support and meet women where they are in their process of unfolding.

I advocate for women in tapping into their innate wisdom and power.

I encourage women in their deepest embodiment and in cultivating an unconditional experience of self-love.

I support women in recovery to honor their bodies without restrictions, rules, and regulations.

I celebrate and honor women in their hunger for life.

I am passionate and compassionate.


“The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come”.

~Joseph Campbell

Embodied Support for Women Unwinding from Traumatic Life Experiences:


My philosophy in working with women to unwind trauma from the body, nervous system, and mind:

~You have to feel it, to heal it: this leaves plenty of room for interpretation and absolutely does not mean that we need to recapitulate every traumatizing experience that has occurred. This means that we need to allow our full range of emotions to surface, acknowledge, honor, and release.

~Trauma takes time and patience to sequence through your body and the various emotions.

~Compassion for self along each phase is essential.

~The body holds the key to our unraveling, unfolding, and empowerment. We must continuously refine our ability to listen to what our bodies are saying and honor that inner voice of need.

~It takes work, consistent practice, determination, and an unwavering belief in self to embody and empower.

~Regression is natural. The subconscious patterns and beliefs need to be re-patterned at a deep and sustainable way.

~ We must embody life – embody ourselves – all aspects of ourselves to grow, heal, and become fully alive.


I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become”.

~Carl Jung