Embody Yoga and Meditation

Embody Yoga and Meditation



To stay present in everyday life, it helps to be deeply rooted within yourself; otherwise, the mind, which has incredible momentum, will drag you along like a wild river”.

~Eckhart Tolle

Embody Yoga is a slow, deep and fluid practice that allows the space for the student to explore and integrate through the body, mind, and heart. A sanctuary from the demands of everyday life, this practice invites the release and softening of tensions in the body while strengthening from the inside out. Giving permission to be exactly where we are in our bodies, hearts, and minds, we honor, accept, and embody ourselves and feel authentic empowerment in our lives. By learning how to support and tend to Self through our yoga practice, we deepen our capacity to tend to ourselves out in the world.

Embody Yoga is a practice of honoring Self through the body and its movements. It is an invitation to slow down, tune in, and strengthen our sense of who we are through connecting to the core of our being. From that place of integrated empowerment, we are able to tap into our authentic voices.

A time of internal dialogue and attuning to our external needs through connection to our breath and our bodies in motion. Embody Yoga is a practice of self-corrective, integrative movement which release chronic and debilitating patterns in the body. Through creative sequencing and asana modification, students are able to find deeper alignment within themselves and in their physical bodies radiating to their outer lives.


“We have to be willing to engage with the story differently: to question it, to be curious about it and to resist its incredibly strong magnetic pull. While mindfulness is helpful, we need an embodied experience of mindfulness so that we don’t become rocked by the intensity of primal emotions or gloss over them entirely and create a false sense of emotional health. To fully transform our story, our practices must be rooted in the field of the body. And Yoga is ideally positioned to help us with this”.

~Bo Forbes

Embody Meditation is a somatically-based and embodied avenue of working with the mind. We use techniques such as specific breath work, mantras, mudras, and movements of the body to cultivate a depth of connection to the workings of our mind. This is all done with the intention of alleviating unnecessary suffering that our minds chatter brings and a tapping into a profound sense of our bodies in space and in motion.

By meditating regularly create the opportunity to become a direct channel to our innate goodness. We strengthen the muscle of clarity and truth and take an empowered posture in our lives. We become a reference point to our own being and have the opportunity to remain in connection to ourselves as we move throughout our days.

Taking this time to tune in to your breath, connect to your body, and take the role of observer to your minds workings, is a radical act of self-care and is accessible to all.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Alison’s Yoga and Meditation Background:

Alison has practiced yoga for 20 years and taught for the past 10; studying and training with many senior teachers in yoga asana, meditation, and other dance/movement practices. Her teachings are rooted in ancient yogic wisdom intermixed with the simplicity of loving and accepting our bodies and ourselves. She created Embody Yoga and Meditation through her own practice and the ability that the yoga and meditation has had in support of her healing from a lifetime of eating disorders and navigating trauma.

Her teaching is deep, embodied, creative, fun, playful and inspiring. Her approach is inspired by living each moment and by allowing our practice to enhance who we are through softening, tuning in, opening, releasing, and finding that peace within. Her teachings unify movement and breath in a mindfully sequenced practice of asanas, relaxation and meditation.

Her classes, workshops and retreats provide a safe haven for exploration, transformation, and renewal, creating a respite from the stresses of modern day living. Alison’s unique style of teaching and extensive knowledge of the body provide the venue and possibility of finding ones true connection to self, ones body and heart, and the support — both physical and emotional, to strengthen and expand.

She believes that yoga is a significant venue of self-exploration, self-dialogue, and inevitably of peace and healing. When we can take a look at how we are relating to ourselves and our bodies while on our yoga mat and while sitting on our cushions in meditation, we are able to deepen our understanding of how we are relating to ourselves and to others in our worlds. We can use that medicine and information to become more whole, present, and grounded beings.

Alison provides students and clients with a holistic experience of their bodies and themselves. She guides students into a deeper relationship and connection with themselves through expertise teaching, hands-on facilitation, and the space to tune into their own bodies and their needs. Alison believes whole-heartedly that we must be able to cultivate the ability to be with ourselves, to be in our bodies in a loving and present way, and to tune in and listen to the essence of who we are.