Sustainable Healing From the Inside Out.

The process of embodied healing works to unwind ingrained patterns, creates space to tap into perspective, and builds a deeper connection so that you can access the truth of who you are.

Membership includes private monthly coaching
along with on-demand access to
6 online modules:


1. Slow Down

Creating the Space to Heal

We must slow down and feel ourselves in order to begin the sustainable healing process. Through slowing down and tuning into our breath as we move through our lives we are establishing a new relationship with ourselves and our bodies. 

2. Dive In

Establishing Connection to Your Inner World

Cultivating a regular meditation practice provides the platform for our inner inquiry and inventory. Through consciously setting the stage for our growth, we create the landing pad for a connection to the sacred in everything.

3. Nourish

Feeding Your Body, Heart, and Soul

Unconditional nourishment begins within and is honoring to our bodies, our hearts, and our souls. We will to attune to our innate sense of nourishment through our senses in movement, food, words, and sound.

4. Show Up

The Power of Presence

When we are present in our lives we have the capacity to meet whatever unfolds with a sense of steadiness and awareness. We are clear with our interactions and meet our connections with the whole of our being.

5. Embrace

Being Who You Are

Standing tall in the truth of who we are with an embodied presence takes practice and commitment. We have the opportunity to decipher that deep sense of our most authentic and unconditional acceptance of who we are.

6. Embody

Alive and Brilliantly Embodied

We have gained access to a genuine expression of who we are in the world as alive and brilliant beings. Honoring our individual path with loving kindness, compassion, and a celebration of who we are embodied and whole. 

Embody your brilliance
and join this program

Membership is $297 monthly
Includes 2 private coaching sessions monthly
Minimum 6 month commitment

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Program Praise

Names have been abbreviated for privacy.

"You know those times when you feel the hunger for change, for reworking of your current ways, for ultimate transformation? That was me. I not only FELT something brewing within but I NEEDED something to jumpstart me!I just didn’t know where or how to start this journey. Enter Alison & Embody Life! A'ha moments happen on the regular with my sessions with Alison and the Embody Brilliance program. Daily rituals that include meditation to move me from SURVIVING to THRIVING have been beyond impactful. The work I do with Alison is constantly reminding me that LIFE is the journey…meant to be experienced not conquered and checked off of a list. Reminding me to be soft with myself, listen to myself, be kind and loving to myself which will all lead me to more nourishing and fulfilling relationships with myself and those that I love. My life coaching experience has been & continues to be life changing. I find myself sitting with my feelings, experiencing curiosity with being uncomfortable, letting pain and fear flow through me vs running, creating distractions or being reactionary. I am looking forward to my continuation of LEANING INTO all that life gives me, throws at me, sparks me! Thank you Alison for being an INCREDIBLE part of my transformation in progress!"


“I have very strong beliefs about teaching and how best to reach and inspire people. I am extremely confident that I know what makes a good teacher. And you are an excellent teacher. I observe very closely your approach and you know exactly what you’re doing. The best teaching is more about restraint and less about the dissemination of information. You hit that balance exceedingly well while at the same time building trust with your student and coaxing him or her to move out of his or her comfort zone. This is a gift which, quite frankly, many “teachers” do not possess. You possess it in the deepest sense. I feel very lucky to have found you.”

“Your tools clear a path to allow one to care for self and to self-advocate”.

“I saw Alison for several months this year when I was struggling with a mix of health and life transition issues. Alison’s gentle, intuitive, caring approach combined with her extensive portfolio of techniques and knowledge helped me through a tough time. Each session with Alison brought a synthesis of yoga, massage, healing touch, self-care advice, and empathetic listening that helped calm my mind and restore my body, and I left with new techniques for centering in my daily life.”

“Alison is a very special person who is able to connect with people with her kind, down to earth, loving spirit. She is able to help her students unite their minds and bodies with yoga and the breath in a very special way. She can teach beginners up to advanced students and helps everyone feel at ease, relaxed and confident.”

“Alison has not only been a mentor and inspiration to me, but also a coach of life, wellness, self and love. She is able to unpack many life challenges for others in a natural, raw and effortless way. I never have felt that Alison was my coach and instead I have felt like she has been an ally who walks with me through old, new and unfamiliar terrain. Her constant dedication, interest and daily support in my life has allowed me to change behaviours, develop new skills, realize internal struggles and feel empowered to confront life with fierce power and drive. She is not afraid to let others into her life, be vulnerable and express similar struggles, which has allowed me to develop a deep and trusting relationship with her. I am more than happy and blessed to say, I have found a sister to walk through and take on life with. Thank you Alison!”