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A Holistic Approach to Cultivating Sustainable and Embodied Healing

Specialized Treatment for: Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues, Trauma, Life Transitions, Women’s Empowerment

Alison Rothman, the founder of Embody Life, is a longtime practitioner of the healing arts with extensive studies and experience in the realm of the body, natural healing, and holistic wellness modalities. She is passionate about supporting women to unwind their nervous systems, make peace with their bodies, and empower them to be who they truly are.

Her approach includes therapeutic yoga and movement, meditation and mindfulness practices, sacred and nurturing touch, and a variety of natural health and wellness modalities. The sessions are individualized and honor the diverse process of healing.

The Wellness Retreats and Online Coaching Program support individuals with compassionate guidance and effective modalities to reset their relationship with their bodies, work with their minds, unwind trauma and habitual ways of living and being, and embrace their unique existence. They celebrate and encourage one to live a vibrant and connected life. 

“I met Alison at a retreat and watched her seamlessly work with people of different abilities. Her gentle presence and knowledge help guide me into the right practice for my body. She challenges and supports me and I am deeply grateful for her.”

- H.B.


Wellness Retreats

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About Alison

Alison Rothman MA CMT CYT, the founder of Embody Life, is a longtime practitioner of the healing arts and is devoted to embodying life as a spiritual path. Alison is a holistic healer with extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of the body through movement (yoga and dance), somatic therapeutic inquiry, meditation and mindfulness, and natural health and healing.  

Alison has survived several highly traumatizing life events including a house fire and a near death experience.  She has also navigated divorce and single motherhood for almost a decade and has utilized her practices in support of her own embodiment during times of stress and challenge.  

Alison is an advocate for women. She has a gift for her empathic presence and an unwavering capacity to support women in the retreat setting and one-on-one sessions.  Her mission is to hold space for women to soften and release debilitating tensions in the body, connect to their bodies, honor their true voices, reclaim their wholeness, stand tall in the truth of who they are, and remember their intrinsic power.  

She leads women’s wellness retreats, works one-on-one with clients, blogs, offers online empowering courses, and public speaks sharing her story of healing and empowerment.