Holistic and Embodied Wellness Retreats
Taos, New Mexico

Let’s create your optimal retreat experience!

An opportunity to dive deeper into yourself through quiet, introspective yoga, meditation, ritual, holistic healing practices, nutrition, and time in the majesty of the New Mexico desert.

All retreats are custom designed to cater to your personal needs. 

Located in a gorgeous home studio overlooking Taos Mountain surrounded by the beauty of the high desert, these retreats are a true sanctuary from everyday life.  

Bring together a small group of your friends or come alone.  

Taos Yoga Retreat
121 State Road #382
Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico

Varies dependent on needs

How to Book
Contact Alison Rothman for availability:
alison@embodymylife.com or 303-443-3972


Retreat Praise

Some names have been abbreviated for privacy.

“It was such an amazing day, Alison! Like a gift for every fiber of your being.”
- D.C.

“This retreat was an amazing time to reflect and appreciate who we each are and who we can be with love. Amazing location!”


“Alison created a beautiful environment for rest, replenishment, and renewal. The farm location was magically and beautifully aligned to supportive entire experience. I would highly recommend this retreat to others. And the food was amazing!”.


“I am very busy in my brain. This allowed me the time to be still and let God speak to me. It helped me to realize how good it is to have quiet and just BE. Alison is a good, calming presence and a gentle spirit to remind me of these principles”.


“Alison created such a relaxing and safe environment to help me work through areas in my life that I would never take the time to work through. Grateful to have this opportunity to have a quick reset of what is important in my life”.


“A beautiful day spent in community and solitude loving ourselves and others”.


“What a wonderful way to find stillness, soften rest, and quiet my body and mind. Beautiful views, wonderful lunch, and restorative yoga that left me feeling extremely grateful. The container was safe and nurturing — so much so that I felt able to share. Loved this so much. Thank you!”


“Took a risk and signed up. Beautiful venue with excellent healthy food. Empowering and healing work with Alison. Awesome day!”


“When I signed up for the day retreat I felt like it was a luxury. Now I feel it was a gift to myself that will keep on giving as I adopt yoga and meditation into my life. Thank you so much for my gift Alison!”


“Alison, this couldn’t be more of a perfect day. From the heartfelt women’s circle with the caring, love, and emotion that was in the room to the beautiful lunch and wonderful yoga segments. Incorporated room for growth within all of us. You truly are a caring, beautiful soul that emanates her passion to others. Thank you!”


"I have suffered with an eating disorder for over 30 years. In that time I have sought help from M.D.s, dietitians, and therapists. I am so fortunate that I found Alison. My experience with her at Ceily’s Taos Center helped create a deep shift in perspective for me. Alison has lived through the depths of this and is uniquely qualified to help others navigate through it.  Her gentle approach including mind and bodywork has taken so much of the pain out of recovery for me. For the first time I am feeling hope and can see a future free from disordered eating.”

“Alison holds such a sacred space for women to deeply connect with themselves, while feeling the support and compassion of other women beside them. I have attended a handful of her yoga retreats (both mini/half-day and full/3-day). Through her guided meditation and yoga sequences, it’s as if each molecule of your body has been rejuvenated. Each experience, I walked away with clarity, alignment and the feeling of deep relaxation. She is the perfect combination of vivacious and serene and being around her is grounding and inspiring.”

“Alison is a very special person who is able to connect with people with her kind, down to earth, loving spirit. She is able to help her students unite their minds and bodies with yoga and the breath in a very special way. She can teach beginners up to advanced students and helps everyone feel at ease, relaxed and confident”.

“I had the privilege of attending a renewal retreat led by Alison at Shambhala Mountain Center. She is a beautiful, intuitive soul and a wonderful yoga teacher. She made the retreat a lovely experience, both in learning and doing yoga with her, as well as in getting to know her as a person. I look forward to future retreats with her”.
Jennifer McCord, M.D.

“Alison’s energy is warm, joyful and calming at the same time. Her retreat left me feeling peaceful and energized. Alison does an amazing job of creating and holding a space where every woman can feel comfortable and be themselves. She reminded me how important it is to “just be and stop doing.” I do not practice yoga often, and the yoga was simple, gentle, and felt so good! Four hours passed quickly, and I walked out of the retreat feeling renewed. I highly recommend taking part in Alison’s retreats if you haven’t yet. You will thank yourself!”