Release pain and restore movement.

Embody Yoga is a slow, deep, nurturing, and quiet practice that allows the space for the student to explore and integrate through the body, mind, and heart. A sanctuary from the demands of everyday life, this practice invites the release and softening of tensions in the body while strengthening from the inside out. By learning how to support and tend to ourselves through our yoga practice, we deepen our capacity to tend to ourselves out in the world.

Embody Yoga is a practice of honoring Self through the body and its movements. It is an invitation to slow down, tune in, and strengthen our sense of who we are through connecting to the core of our being. From that place of integrated empowerment, we are able to tap into our authentic voices. 

A time of internal dialogue and attuning to our external needs through connection to our breath and our bodies in motion. Embody Yoga is a practice of restorative, self-corrective, and integrative movement which release chronic and debilitating patterns in the body. Through creative sequencing and asana modification, clients and students are able to find deeper alignment within themselves and in their physical bodies radiating to their outer lives. 

Embody Yoga is offered in one-on-one sessions and is a part of Alison’s Women’s Wellness Retreats.  

Cost: $80 per 60 minute session
Location: 2346 Broadway, Boulder, CO, USA, 80304 • Use Google Maps
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Alison holds such a sacred space for women to deeply connect with themselves, while feeling the support and compassion of other women beside them. I have attended a handful of her yoga retreats (both mini/half-day and full/3-day). Through her guided meditation and yoga sequences, it’s as if each molecule of your body has been rejuvenated. Each experience, I walked away with clarity, alignment and the feeling of deep relaxation. She is the perfect combination of vivacious and serene and being around her is grounding and inspiring.

- K.A.A.

I have very strong beliefs about teaching and how best to reach and inspire people. I am extremely confident that I know what makes a good teacher. And you are an excellent teacher. I observe very closely your approach and you know exactly what you’re doing. The best teaching is more about restraint and less about the dissemination of information. You hit that balance exceedingly well while at the same time building trust with your student and coaxing him or her to move out of his or her comfort zone. This is a gift which, quite frankly, many “teachers” do not possess. You possess it in the deepest sense. I feel very lucky to have found you.

- M.T.

Alison’s energy is warm, joyful and calming at the same time. Her retreat left me feeling peaceful and energized. Alison does an amazing job of creating and holding a space where every woman can feel comfortable and be themselves. She reminded me how important it is to “just be and stop doing.” I do not practice yoga often, and the yoga was simple, gentle, and felt so good! Four hours passed quickly, and I walked out of the retreat feeling renewed. I highly recommend taking part in Alison’s retreats if you haven’t yet. You will thank yourself!

- L.A.

We all are aware of how important self care is for our whole being. Self care can come in many ways. Alison’s mini retreat allowed me space for me to be in my body, heart, and mind. The combination result was a shift that has lasted and as I re read my notes, deepens. Thank you Alison!

- K.G.

Alison’s 1/2 day Mini retreat left me feeling rejuvenated and centered. She has a way of calming every nerve in your body to promote full relaxation. It was just what I needed to escape and come back well balanced!

- S.Y.

I have experienced several yoga classes with Alison Rothman and I can say I am 100% pleased with her instruction. More than that though her presence and warm attitude is a welcome addition to the classes. She seems genuinely interested in imparting just what I need at the time and does so effortlessly. She has an absolutely wonderful relaxation about her that is infectious! I highly recommend Alison for a Yoga Instructor.
- S.H.

Alison is a very special person who is able to connect with people with her kind, down to earth, loving spirit. She is able to help her students unite their minds and bodies with yoga and the breath in a very special way. She can teach beginners up to advanced students and helps everyone feel at ease, relaxed and confident.
- J.B.

I had the privilege of attending a renewal retreat led by Alison at Shambhala Mountain Center. She is a beautiful, intuitive soul and a wonderful yoga teacher. She made the retreat a lovely experience, both in learning and doing yoga with her, as well as in getting to know her as a person. I look forward to future retreats with her.

- J.M.

Alison’s calming energy and capable instruction helped create a retreat experience that allowed me to reconnect with the heart of myself in unexpected ways. After spending the weekend practicing contemplative yoga and meditation, I returned to my daily life feeling grounded and re-centered. My husband also attended the retreat, with minimal yoga experience prior to the weekend. He said that Alison had created such an inviting and comfortable setting that he no longer felt intimidated by practicing yoga. We would certainly recommend Alison for your next yoga retreat!

- AC

Alison is an amazing massage therapist and yoga instructor. I regularly see Alison for body work to keep my 51 yr old body feeling young and strong for sports. She also has helped me rehab from two major sports injuries. I sent my brother to see Alison and every time he comes to CO he seeks out a session with her too. She is in tune with what your body needs to perform well. I love that she offers 75 min sessions. 60 minutes can be too short and sometimes 90 minutes is too long.

- RA

I recommend Alison’s service to anyone who wants to stand up from the table feeling WHOLE. Alison nurtures the body by providing the touch needed and nurtures the mind and heart by providing a warm, supportive environment. She provides a treatment that leaves the body feeling integrated. It seems she intuitively understands how everything is connected. Why do I not go more often? Alison’s massage therapy should be a part of everyone’s regular care.

- KB

Alison is confident, caring, nurturing, smart, intuitive, firm but gentle, energetic, and knowledgeable.

- MJ

Alison has a gift of healing touch that is far more expansive than curing aching musculature and inflamed nerves. After a recent treatment, I was aware of a lifting of a longtime very subtle internal heaviness that had been residing for much longer than was welcome. Within one session, I felt brighter and lighter in heart and spirit with the added calm and freedom of movement that I had expected to receive with body work…Alison also works on subtle levels of body and helped restore the energies that became stuck no matter how many tools I used in my personal tool-box to lift the fog. To quote Albert Schweitzer…“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. Alison is that spark, and I am indeed grateful.


Alison is an attentive instructor with an innate ability to read her students minds. Her focus on form and proper technique are key to a great Yoga teacher. She has influenced my practice giving me the confidence to move forward. I have great respect for Alison as a teacher and mentor and would recommend anyone who has struggled with Yoga in the past or wants to try for the first time and is nervous. You won’t be disappointed and you will feel amazing afterwards!

- L.B.