13 Holy Nights ~ an ancient ritual

Tonight at sunset marks the beginning of the 13 Holy Nights, an ancient tradition in which we have the opportunity to tap into the energies of the upcoming year and actually imprint them in a conscious way. I have done this practice every year for many years and it is always so amazing to me to look back at what card I drew for the month as well as the people whom had shown up during the time and how it manifests in the next cycle. This is a profound opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and plant seeds for a abundantly healthy and healing New Year, which feels even more important this year.


Here is how it works:

The Holy Nights are from sunset on December 24th until sunset January 6th. I recommend having a specific journal for this practice, a candle, and utilizing some sort of oracle cards.


When the sun sets on the 24th until sunset on the 25th we are imprinting the entire next year, 2017. It is recommended to draw a card (and write it down) and also to pay attention to anyone you happen to run into, your dreams, and any other themes that arise. It is also important to reflect on your previous year as a whole and perhaps choose to let go of some of what occurred.   Write everything down in your journal.


Then on the 25th when the sun sets until the 26th at sunset we are imprinting January of the next year. Again, draw a card, pay attention to dreams, people whom you cross paths with, any themes that arise for you, and spend a little time reflecting on this past January and choose to let go. Write everything down in your journal.


And so on….until the completion of the cycle at sunset of January 6th in which we have had the opportunity to imprint our entire next year with consciousness and awareness. It is a beautiful ritual to include in your end of year festivities.


It is important here to learn to RECEIVE all of the messages that come to you (even if they are perhaps not what you want to hear) – take note without judgement and empower yourself around your life as a whole. Over the years I never in my wildest dreams could have predicted the bombs that have dropped despite my highest intentions in creating my next years imprint, yet this practice has provided a deep sense of comfort, peace, and solace in the unfolding of my life.


Enjoy and I would love to hear of any of your experiences!!

Blessings on these Holy Nights!