Alison Rothman CMT CYT, the founder of Embody Life, is a longtime practitioner of the healing arts and is devoted to embodying life as a spiritual path. Alison is a holistic healer with extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of the body through movement (yoga and dance), somatic therapeutic inquiry, meditation and mindfulness, and natural health and wellness modalities. 

At the age of 23 years old, she checked herself into a Holistic Treatment Center for Eating Disorder Recovery. This choice changed the trajectory of her life and provided her with the personal experience of holistic, embodied, and sustainable healing.  Through various embodiment practices, deep self-inquiry, and the exploration of an array of natural health and wellness modalities, Alison has healed herself of a debilitating eating disorder and has been in active recovery for over 20 years.

Alison has survived several highly traumatizing life events including a house fire and a near death experience.  Additionally, she has navigated divorce and single motherhood for almost a decade and has utilized her practices in support of her own embodiment during times of stress and challenge. 

Alison is an advocate for women. She has a gift for her empathic presence and an unwavering capacity to support women.  She is a transformational retreat leader known for her authenticity, depth, and trusted capacity to hold space for women to soften and release debilitating tensions, connect to their bodies, honor their true voices, reclaim their wholeness, stand tall in who they are, and remember their intrinsic power. She is committed to supporting women on their path towards wholeness.

Alison carries with her an embodied understanding of the wisdom and intelligence of the body and brings to her sessions a deep intimacy with herself, her own process of life experiences, and a passion for supporting and inspiring others in utilizing the magic of everyday living as medicine for growth and healing. 

Alison is a tremendous believer in the potential that each of us holds in our own capacity for wellness and that often what is needed is that person to remind us of our innate goodness.  Her depth of practice, life experiences, and devotion to healing from the inside out have shaped her in her ability to create a safe and welcoming space for women to unfold, remember, and embrace who they truly are. 

She leads women’s wellness retreats, works one-on-one with clients, blogs, offers online empowering courses, and public speaks sharing her story of healing and empowerment.